IRPL® solutions
for Beauty

For every studio size – for every budget

Permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation are among the must-haves in a modern beauty menu. ESW beauty offers a tailor-made solution, profitable from the 1st month (with only 2 beauty treatments per month) – with a maximum flexibility and minimum costs.

Beauty treatments

Highly efficient treatments, which should not be missed in the beauty menu.

Permanent hair removal

Treat your customers to the comfort of permanently smooth, supple skin

Skin rejuvenation / scars

Repair and regenerate the skin with the body’s own collagen stimulation – for an even, rejuvenated skin texture

Permanent Hair Removal

  • Permanent hair removal by just 8-10 sessions
  • Proven effectiveness in 100% of cases
  • Gentle and completely safe treatments
  • Whole body treatment

Skin Rejuvenation & Scars

  • Long-lasting younger-looking skin in just 12 sessions
  • Proven effectiveness in 100% of cases
  • Non-invasive, painless and stress-free treatments
  • Whole body treatment

IRPL® devices

An innovative product line of IRPL® devices to meet your customer’s needs.

Beauty Concepts

What is your favorite to fit to your business model?

Beauty For Rent

Attractive Rent Options (Rent Only, All-IN, on demand)
No investment, ready to go, guaranteed additional revenue from the 1st month

Depil Yourself

Self-service hair removal in the ambience of a beauty / wellness / sports institute. Professional application technology with the convenience of a home application

Beauty for Rent

You don’t want to invest in additional beauty equipment, but still want to expand your beauty menu for your customers?
Beauty For Rent makes it possible – low monthly fixed costs, attractive rental options, tailored to your needs.

Depil Yourself

Unique on the market! Put your feet up and let your Depil Yourself Service work for you … your customers will be amazed by this new flexibility.

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Beauty Treatments

Hair Removal
Skin Rejuvenation

Beauty Concepts

Beauty for Rent

Product Details

Weight (kg)11,511,56,4
Size (mm)345 x 320 x 440345 x 320 x 440270 x 210 x 380
Flash Zone (cm²)7,57,57,5
Medical device
Warranty (years)222

Treatment Protocol

Basic Protocol
Hair Removal
8-10 sessions every 2 months8-10 sessions every 2 months10-12 sessions every 2 months
Maintenance Protocol Hair Removal1-2 annual maintenance sessions1-2 annual maintenance sessions1-2 annual maintenance sessions
Basic Protocol
Skin Rejuvenation
1 session per week for 2 months
1 session per month for 4 months
Maintenance Protocol Skin Rejuvenation6 maintenance sessions per year