Beauty for Rent
Attractive Rent Options
(Rent only, All-In, on demand)
No investment, ready to go, guaranteed additional revenue from the 1st month

You don’t want to invest in additional beauty equipment, but still want to expand your beauty menu for your customers?
Beauty For Rent makes it possible – low monthly fixed costs, attractive rental options, tailored to your needs

Benefit for your business

  • profitable from the first month with only 2 customers
  • no risk for your business
  • short minimum contract term
  • available for all our IRPL® devices
  • combinable with the Depil Yourself concept

Individual rental rates

  • 3 different rent options available
  • choose the option that fits your needs
  • RENT only: monthly rate only, excluding accessories
  • RENT on demand: monthly rate with limited accessories included
  • RENT All-In: monthly rate including all accessories (unlimited)

available for all our IRPL® devices.